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Create Your Own Spell Candle Workshop

A custom candle custom made for your manifestations

About this experience

Join us for this workshop and create your own 17 oz spell candle perfectly curated to your specific intentions. We'll give you a peek behind the curtain at our spell candle process as you formulate and assemble your own Healing Hedge Witch spell candle.

First, we'll collectively set intentions for our candles. Once you're clear on what you're looking to create, spend some time in our fully stocked apothecary where you can gather the herbs, oils, and crystals that align with your intentions. Don't worry, we'll be there to give any guidance you might need.

Then, you'll combine these ingredients together to create your candle, completely customized to your goals, dreams, and manifestations, fusing these compontents together with your unique energy. Your energy is the most important ingredient here, making it the most potent spell candle you'll ever have.

All supplies included with your ticket! Please note this is an in person event.