Tarot is the practice of gaining insight and wisdom through using a related set of cards, which are also called tarot.

The Tarot Deck

Let’s start with the basics: There are 78 cards in a tarot pack, and they contain two main groups: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana includes 22 cards, while the Minor Arcana accounts for the other 56.

Before you can the practice of reading a deck, you should find the tarot deck that’s right for you. You may already have one or more tarot packs. If you do, you know that, just like playing cards, not all tarot cards are alike. They each have their own distinct artwork and an origin story that tells of their inspiration. 

Today, you’ll find tarot decks based on popular culture books, movies, and characters. Some of the most popular decks include:

Smith-Waite Tarot Deck

This deck was first published in 1909 and remains one of the classics. The deck is a pocket-sized version that comes in a tin. You may find styles similar to this sold as the Rider Tarot Deck.

The Modern Witch Tarot Deck

his collection is distinguished by its diverse imagery, which incorporates Black and Native American representation and symbols.

The Light-Seer’s Tarot

You’ll find the traditional symbols reimagined in a contemporary style. The edition linked here comes with a 192-page guidebook that features an introduction to tarot for beginners.

As you look for a deck, consider each one’s characteristics, including:

The artwork. You’ll find tarot decks that range from the classical to the modern, surreal, and fictional.

Feel. We don’t just mean how it feels in your hand, though that is a valid characteristic by which to judge. Does the deck inspire you to use it? Is it something you connect with? You may not be able to fully appreciate a deck that you’ve only seen online, so spend some time at a store that sells tarot decks.

Accompanying guidebook. If you’re new to tarot reading, it’s a good idea to choose a deck that includes a guidebook for beginners.

When searching online, you can find plenty of lists that recommend the best tarot decks.

Reading Tarot Spreads

To perceive the insight that the tarot reveals, you must be able to read spreads, which are groupings of cards. These groupings have their own names, including “The Tree of Life” and “Planetary” spreads.  To do this, you can work with a professional reader. But if you’re interested enough in tarot to have your own deck, you can also practice reading the spreads yourself.

Just be patient and realize that you will get the process wrong before you learn to trust your intuition and divine what the cards are telling you. To help you ease into the art, we’ve created our take on the three most popular tarot spreads for beginners. 

There are many ways to read spreads. Some tarot enthusiasts may use astrology to deepen the insight into their readings, since each astrological sign aligns with a card in the Major Arcana.

If you’re interested in following the path to becoming a professional, you’ll find groups that offer certifications for tarot readers. We don’t endorse any group over another, so please do your research and compare before deciding on a course.

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