So...What's a Hedge Witch Anyway?

Magic and nature are the intertwining domains of the hedge witch. We like to think of the hedge witch as a magician with one foot planted firmly in the reality of the world we know and the other floating in the esoteric dimensions of the spiritual realm.

In ancient times, hedge witches lived beyond the hedgerows, on the fringes of society. Today, we at The Healing Hedge Witch bring you our commitment to support your body, manage your mind, and expand your spirit.

At The Healing Hedge Witch you'll find a wide array of crystals, teas, oils, workshops, and more that will set you on a path of health and mindfulness. We look forward to greeting you at our storefront in Tarpon Springs and helping you find the essentials to live with intention.

At the Healing Hedge Witch, we consider ourselves wise healers, but we also know we are nothing special. We all have the innate power to heal ourselves. It’s just a matter of finding it. We practice magic -- but not the "rabbit out of a hat" kind. Instead, we make the space to create intention and thus magic in our own lives.

Our cupboard is full of the products and concepts that can help you on your path. We've carefully curated them based on our personal experiences as we continue our healing journey and seek ways to help you on yours.

Remember: healing is an inside job. We're just here to share with you some tools that will help you along the way.