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Free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

Meet Our Readers


Anthony has been working in divination for close to 10 years, but has been living in the magical world for much longer! Starting when he was 12 years old and had is first psychic experience, the metaphysical has been an integral part of his life.

Anthony specializes in tarot, mediumship, and aura renderings. As a psychic medium, he is able to see into the lives of those he reads for, helping them sort through the “mess” and find peace, healing, and even happiness! He has reconnected people with their loved ones, both on the physical plane and with those who have passed. He is here to help bridge the world of Spirit with our physical world. Offering readings to bring you clarity and guidance.


Colby is a rarity, an actual native Floridian, he is also a passionate spiritualist and advisor. He is a seasoned clairvoyant psychic with a niche for Lithomancy, which is a crystals divination, numerology, animal medicine, and tarot.

He has a unique brand and outlook on spirituality and likes to bring things into a practical and applicable perspective. He has been working as a professional psychic in the Tampa Bay area now for over a decade and is blessed to be of service to you.


Linda is a clairvoyant psychic that utilizes a blend of tarot and oracle cards to deliver her messages. Not only does she delve into both everyday life and where a person may be spiritually, she also connects past life energy to today’s experiences.

In receiving guidance on challenges that often manifest into repeated cycles, she counsels on how we can resolve and break those cycles. Linda also offers insight on Intergalactic or Cosmic energy both current and in connection to past life.