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Astrology Reading with Kayla

Variant: 15 Minutes

PLEASE NOTE: This is only a reservation! Payment will be taken by your reader at the time of the appointment.

Please be ready with cash, Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Learn more about our house Astrologer, Kayla, by clicking here to see our Meet Our Readers page.

Pricing for astrology readings:

15 minutes, $30:
  •  Natal Chart Snapshot - This is an overview of your big three (Sun, Moon, Rising), great for beginners who are curious about astrology
30 minutes, $60:
  • Overview Key placements in the natal chart - Great for people looking to spend more time decoding their chart
60 minutes, $120: pick one
  • Full chart reading - A complete head-to-toe analysis of your chart (Houses and Planets)
  • Solar return reading - A great birthday gift, focuses on profection year themes, and any prominent transits
  • Saturn return reading - Get insight into the lessons you have experienced and how you will continue to grow!