If you’re new to crystals and their power to heal, this page will serve as an excellent resource that you can refer to again and again.

Semiprecious stones like quartz, jade, citrine, and moonstone are among the many crystals known for their healing and invigorating properties. The history of people using crystals for these purposes goes back to ancient cultures, including Ancient Egypt, India, Greece, and Rome.

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Purpose of Crystals

Across the ages, many people have worn crystals for their beauty. Another reason for the attraction to these stones: a belief in their ability to heal the mind, body, and soul. 

If we trace the history of gemstones back to ancient civilizations, we’ll see that people believed crystals held a variety of powers, including the ability to:

- Prevent hangovers

- Protect the deceased in the afterlife

- Diagnose illnesses

Believers in the power of crystals say they work by facilitating the exchange of energy. This healing process occurs by helping the flow of good energy into the body and removing negative energy.  Dozens of popular crystals serve a variety of other beneficial purposes, including:

- Protection: Check out the ten best crystals for protection

- Balancing the emotions

- Improving concentration and compassion

Our Beginners Guide to Healing Crystals includes a list of six gemstones that help with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

How Crystals are Used in Daily Life

You may be familiar with the practice of placing crystals at various points on the body.
These points are known as chakras, which are energy points in the body.
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In modern times, believers assert there are seven major chakras. Placing a particular crystal on a specific chakra may be used to open up blocked energy centers and start a healing process.

For example, jasper is thought to empower the spirit and protect one from negative energy. Turquoise is said to balance the emotions, and amethyst promotes healthy choices. These are just a sampling of what these stones are believed to be capable of; you may find certain stones have many beneficial properties.

Some people will go to crystal healers, who place the appropriate crystals on certain points, or chakras, on the body. You can also wear crystals for a purposes like protection, enhanced energy, and healing. 

Experts in Vedic astrology will recommend wearing certain crystals to counter the negative aspects seen in a person’s astrological reading. They also caution against wearing particular crystals in combination, as they may have a malefic effect. Before wearing crystals, we recommend you make an appointment with someone who has deep experience with crystal healing. Let them know your concerns and they may be able to recommend the right crystals to address your condition.

Buying Crystals

When you want to buy crystals, ask yourself what you are buying them for. Some people buy for purely aesthetic reasons, but since you are reading this page, you likely want them for a deeper spiritual purpose.  You can consult with an expert in the power of crystals so they can recommend the stones that will work best for you. 

Once you know which crystals you want and that will work for you, you can focus on choosing the right seller. Our article on four things to consider before you buy crystals will tell you things to look for from a reputable crystal shop. You need to be diligent to ensure what you’re buying is the same as what’s being advertised. This is especially the case when you’re buying online and don’t have the benefit of seeing and holding the gemstones in person. Most of us read reviews before making a purchase; you should do the same when buying from a shop that deals in crystals. See more tips in our article on how to safely buy crystals online.

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