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A Beginners Guide to Healing Crystals

  • 3 min read

Using crystals for their healing properties is far from a new concept. For thousands of years, humans have found and used crystals that aid in their physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This ancient form of healing has grown in popularity in recent years, bringing this ancient practice back into the limelight, but this isn’t “new age” or a brand new development. It’s important to remember that crystal healing has been around almost as long as healing itself.

With the recent resurgence in the popularity of crystal healing, it can be hard to know where to start to find the stone that works for you. The first step is to decide what kind of healing crystal you’re looking for. What are you looking to heal, your body, your mind, or your spirit? 

Healing crystals aren’t one size fits all., so we put together this list to show you the differences in the different types of healing crystals, and help you choose which might be best for you.

Physical Healing

Jade is an amazing crystal for physical healing because of its protective properties paired with the longevity and inner peace it promotes. Jade is also said to transmute negative energies in the body and help to eliminate toxins, keeping your physical body at a high vibration. Some even say jade is a great stone to keep close for fertility and pregnancy.

Jade is also a very joyful stone, boosting the love, positivity, happiness, and abundance in your life. 

Dalmatian Jasper
Dalmatian Jasper aids in physical healing by nourishing and rejuvenating the body, keeping you motivated, and bringing forth strength. Dalmatian jasper is also great for leadership, determination, and knowledge, making it a great stone for people looking to support their physical healing while also supporting their goals or careers.

This is also a perfect crystal for athletes, as dalmatian jasper can also support you in sports and other types of exercise.

Emotional Healing

Tourmalinated Quartz
Tourmalinated quartz is technically two crystals in one. To create tourmalinated quartz, black tourmaline, a crystal with protective, grounding, and purifying properties, develops inside a clear quartz, a crystal with cleansing, awareness expansion, and psychic properties. This creates a crystal that is amazing for emotional healing. 

Tourmalinated quartz brings with it a sense of wholeness, emotional understanding, and insight into one's higher self. Because of the black tourmaline inside of it mixing with the clear quartz, it is both protective and grounding, and deeply enlightening. This makes it a crystal that can provide intense emotional healing while still being soothing and gentle. 

Amazonite is a notable crystal for emotional healing, specifically within the context of love, relationships, and communication. It works to align your chakras, bring in stress relief, and give inspiration and joy. Amazonite is an incredibly comforting stone, soothing and removing anger and stress as it is healing.

This stone can bring a sense of inner peace, adventure, trust, and truth as well as working as a healing crystal, making it a perfect choice for someone looking to heal emotionally as they work to find their life path.  

Spiritual Healing

Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow moonstone is a crystal that is deeply spiritually transformative, awakening intuition and even psychic abilities. It can cleanse your aura, bring about clarity, and align you with higher realms. The spiritual healing of rainbow moonstone can bring expansion, awareness, enlightenment, and serious spiritual growth. This can be an intense process, but rainbow moonstone is also a very gentle stone, relieving any stress that can come with this level of openness.

Rainbow moonstone is a healing crystal that would be best for someone looking for a new spiritual beginning who needs some help with the growing pains.

Ocean Jasper
Ocean jasper is another great choice for spiritual healing, especially for those looking to go more inward in their meditation and master manifestation. Another spiritually transformative stone, ocean jasper brings forth focus, courage, and opportunity. Like rainbow moonstone, it helps with intuition and clarity, but ocean jasper has a more grounded feel, focusing on growth and resolution. 

If you’re someone with clear spiritual goals and the determination to bring them to fruition, ocean jasper is a spiritually healing stone that can support you in getting there.

Using healing crystals doesn’t mean you get to stop putting in the work for your physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. These stones won’t do it all for you, their job is to support you, lift you up, and fill in the gaps. Keeping these stones with you isn’t an automatic fix, but it is something you can do to keep you centered in your goals and dreams.