The Healing Hedge Witch Circle - A Buyer's Guide to Finding the Perfect Tarot Deck
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A Buyer's Guide to Finding the Perfect Tarot Deck

Mar 07, 2022

So you’re ready to buy a new tarot deck. Whether it's your first tarot deck or you’re adding to an ever-growing collection, deciding what deck to purchase can be an important process. But how do you know that a deck is right for you? How do you decide at all when there are so many options?

Well, below are our top four tips to choose your next deck!

Look at the Guidebook
The guidebook of a tarot deck is your first point of contact with that deck. This is where you can learn more about the inspiration for the deck, the creator and illustrator, and any differences you may find between the deck you’re holding and your understanding of the tarot. Many tarot decks can vary from the traditional journey of the tarot, adding extra cards or replacing members of the major arcana, removing cards altogether, or using unique names for the suits. This is something you’ll want to take note of before you take your new deck home!

The guidebook will also give you a general sense of what each of the cards mean. When shopping for a tarot deck, it’s a good idea to pay attention to this part of the guidebook. Is it helpful? Does it give the level of nuance and explanation that you’re looking for?

Feel the Deck
If you’re shopping for a new tarot deck, it’s incredibly important to pick up the cards and see how they feel in your hands both physically and spiritually or energetically. 

When physically feeling your deck it’s important to take note and ask yourself, How does it shuffle? Do you like the size? Do the cards feel well made?

And then when feeling the deck energetically, do you feel connected to it? Is it pulling you in or pushing you out? This is a great time to test the muscle of your intuition. How do you feel when you shuffle the cards? 

Look at the Artwork
The artwork on the cards is another thing that can tell you a lot about a tarot deck. As you go through the cards, it’s important to note whether or not you like the aesthetic of the cards. You’re going to spend a lot of time looking at this art, so you’ve got to like it!

This presents another opportunity to use your intuition when looking for a new deck—can you intuitively read the meanings of the cards based on the art on these cards? Can you get some sense of what the cards are telling you? This might not be relevant to you if you prefer a more abstract deck, but for a new reader, it’s something you may want to consider in your purchasing.

Ask the Deck if it’s Right for You!
Looking for the easiest way to see if the deck you’re looking at is meant for you? Ask the deck for it’s opinion! Set your intention, ask the deck “are you the deck I should take home today?” or a similar question, shuffle the cards, pull one or let one fall, and use either your intuition or that deck's guidebook to discern what the deck is saying!