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How to Start a Crystal Collection

  • 2 min read

Crystal healing has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years, but the practice itself is timeless. And as crystals become more mainstream, they can also become more intimidating to a beginner. Use this journal as a beginner's guide to the crystals we think you should start out your collection with.


If you’re interested in crystals, chances are you’ve seen amethyst all over the place. Amethyst is an incredibly popular stone, and for good reason. There are countless uses for amethyst in your intentional and conscious living journey, but our favorite way to use amethyst is to support us in finding calm, expanding our intuition, and creating joy.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can seem like a basic stone. It’s common, easy to find, and while beautiful, is pretty unassuming in appearance. But don’t let that fool you! Clear quartz is a powerful crystal. It acts as a source of amplification for other crystals along with your intention. Clear Quartz is versatile, and one of our favorites in our collection. Use it to manifest, keep it with you during meditation, or keep it close to other crystals you want to amplify the powers of.


Nicknamed “the genius stone”, fluorite is an incredible crystal for focus, clarity, and joy. Set your fluorite out throughout your workday, side hustle, or even your creative practice to support you in creating simultaneous productivity and happiness.


It’s always important to have a protection stone in your arsenal. For a beginner building your collection, we recommend moonstone. Moonstone is a beautiful crystal that alongside protection, is great for healing and energy flow. This makes it a gentle healer with calming, loving energy.


Seeking abundance is one of the leading reasons people begin to look for crystals. Our favorite beginner abundance stone is jade. Jade helps in manifesting abundance, but also brings love and clarity to the forefront of your life. This helps you create clear manifestations for your highest good with clear intentions. 

These five crystals can be a launching pad, your entire collection, or just inspiration for your next trip to the Healing Hedge Witch. Regardless, we hope you enjoyed this introduction to crystals.

Happy crystal collecting!