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Intentional and Conscious Living

  • 3 min read

Welcome to the journey towards intentional and conscious living.

On this path, our thoughts and minds have real power that can shape the world around us.

We’re working to recognize—and eventually use to our advantage—the way that our thoughts can create our emotions, and therefore our reality. And we’re thrilled that you’ve joined us. 

Look around your house and find something fairly large that you purchased, but never used or wore. Go back to the moment you bought it. Why did you buy it?

How did you think your life would change by owning it?

How many planners or calendars have you bought thinking it would make you more organized, secure, or motivated? Maybe it worked, briefly. But it didn’t last long.

Everything we do is in pursuit of a feeling. Feeling organized with planners, feeling beautiful in clothes, feeling worthy in relationships. But, unless you’re aware that you’re looking to feel those feelings, you can’t support yourself in creating them.

And the best methods you have in your arsenal to create feelings are your thoughts. 

Because if you have the underlying thought “I’m so disorganized,” playing on a loop in your subconscious brain, no calendar can change that, and therefore they won’t ever help you.

This same concept applies to clothes. If all of your underlying thoughts come from a place of self-hate, rather than self-love, and you think “Nothing looks good on me,” no outfit you buy can bring you those loving feelings. There’s no outfit you’ll actually like.

You’ll just keep shopping, hoping the next outfit will finally be the one to change things.

The truth of the matter is that until you’re aware of the feelings you want to generate, you’re living in default mode.

The first step in this journey is awareness. Awareness of the unintentional thoughts, awareness of your brain's natural process, and awareness of what you want to change about those things.

Clarity on the positive feelings you want to create within yourself is important, but equally as important are the negative emotions we want toallow. 

If a loved one dies, grief and sadness are normal human emotions that we expect to experience. These emotions aren’t a problem. It isn’t our job to “solve” all negative emotion.

But, we often don’t allow those emotions to simply exist as they are. They often come with a side of shame or guilt.

I should have done more.

I should have gone to see them.

Or worse—fear.

I can’t make it without them.

I’ll never get over this.

This leads to despair. If you’re utilizing your awareness, it’s possible to grieve and honor the memory of someone you love, without piling on the shame and anguish.

This can feel overwhelming at first. When we want to make a change in our lives, our brains can jump straight to comparison and shame.

Who I want to be is so far from who I am right now. 

I’ll never get there. 

It’s too hard. 

I don’t know where to start.

While these ingrained beliefs may feel like truths, they only exist as far as you let them.

With a combination of products, concepts, and commitment, we learned that there was another way. That we didn’t have to let our thoughts control us. That instead, we could control them, and use them to create the kind of life we’ve always dreamed of. 

And so we created The Healing Hedge Witch, a carefully curated space full of all the tools we use and love. All in one space to support you in this new path as we support our bodies, manage our minds, and expand our spirits.

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