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Free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

Is it Safe to Buy Crystals Online?

  • 2 min read

As metaphysical stores have grown in popularity, there’s been a boom in online spiritual spaces as well. This has brought up a ton of really great questions about how to buy crystals online, or if you even should at all. 

It can be intimidating to buy crystals without seeing them in person first, especially as a beginner. And some will say to avoid it altogether to save yourself the hassle.

But is it safe to shop from online metaphysical stores? The answer is yes, it is definitely safe to buy crystals online. But not all online crystal shops are created equal, so it is important to make sure you trust your online crystal source.

So how do you decide if an online store is trustworthy?

Check Their Photos

Do their product photos look like stock images? If you really want to test it, you can reverse image search anything that doesn’t look right, but usually it’s pretty easy to tell when a website and its product photos look off. 

You’ll also want to look and see if the crystals themselves look real. Look for any small air bubbles inside the crystal, or any unusually bright and unnatural colors. These are telltale signs of resin that’s been poured to look like a crystal. 

Take a Look at Their Website

Does the company seem like a knowledgeable source of information? Are they offering education on the crystals they’re selling? Does it seem like they know what they’re talking about? 

These are great signs that you’re looking at a reputable and trustworthy crystal shop. It’s never a bad idea to cross reference and double check what you’re seeing on these websites, either. If you’re seeing someone advertising rose quartz as a banishing crystal…it might be time to find another shop. 

Read The Reviews

This might seem a little obvious, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important! Look at product reviews, and see if you can find online reviews outside of their website. If someone has had a difficult experience or received a fake crystal from a shop, you’ll likely find they’ve posted it somewhere online. 

Listen to Your Intuition

This is, in our opinion, the most important part of crystal shopping. Regardless of if you’re shopping online or in person, your intuition is your best sidekick. Has a website checked all the boxes, but your gut is telling you to stay away? Listen! 

So long story short, yes, it is safe to buy your crystals online. But, like with any online purchase, it’s best to use some discretion! This will make sure you’re always getting the best crystals from the best sources. 

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Happy Conscious Crystal Shopping!