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The Crystals You Need for Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury retrograde. We’ve all heard of the chaotic energy surrounding retrograde season. It seems like everyone is in conflict, everything that can go wrong, has, and there’s always at least one electronic that’s out of commission.


So, what can you do to support yourself and protect your energy during Mercury retrograde? One choice is by utilizing the energy of crystals. Crystals can be a powerful tool to help you navigate retrograde season, so we’re sharing our favorites in our collection that we gravitate towards while Mercury is retrograde

Rose Quartz

Not a typical pick for Mercury retrograde, but rose quartz isn’tjusta crystal for those seeking romantic love. This stone can also support us in cultivating empathy for others, and boost the love we have for ourselves. During Mercury retrograde, there can be times when communication feels almost impossible, our nerves are fried and it seems like nothing is going our way. Keeping rose quartz close can remind you to center yourself and help you as you meet others with empathy. 


If Mercury retrograde brings on your panic response and you find yourself experiencing more stress and anxiety than you can handle, you might be drawn to the energy of chrysocolla. This stone can bring a deep sense of inner peace while clearing your mind and keeping your energy balanced. Chrysocolla is also a stone of conquering fear, making this the perfect piece for those looking to take Mercury retrograde by storm.

Smoky Quartz

With the often chaotic energy of Mercury retrograde, it’s important to prioritize staying grounded. Smoky quartz can provide that grounding energy while also remind you of your strength, keep you balanced, and purify the energy around you. Adding smoky quartz to your retrograde tool belt can help you keep your feet on the ground, no matter how much the energy tries to sweep you away.


Mercury retrograde is the time to have your wits about you. Amethyst keeps your intuition sharp, brings things into focus, and aids you in finding the insight you need. This is what makes amethyst an easy choice any time, but these properties are especially supportive during Mercury retrograde. 


Another powerful stone to aid in your intuition and psychic abilities, celstite has added calming, patient energy that makes puts it on our radar for Mercury retrograde. Celestite has a gentle energy that can support your communication skills, which are often hindered during Mercury retrograde. If you’re looking for something to soothe you this retrograde season, celestite is the stone for you.


Struggling with communication during a retrograde? Amazonite brings loving, joyful energy to your connections and communication that can keep the rocky retrograde energy at bay. Amazonite can relieve the pressure of this extra energy, bringing a sense of peace to your relationships and helping you find a place of understanding. This crystal is one of our favorites for problem solving, stress relief, and relaxation. 

With Mercury retrograde…the only way out is through, and creating a well rounded toolkit ensures you have everything you need as you navigate this change in energy. These crystals make an excellent addition to that toolkit, and they’re a great start to finding what best supports you during retrograde season.

How has this Mercury Retrograde been treating you? Let us know!

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