The Intention in Writing by Hand
The Healing Hedge Witch Journal

The Intention in Writing by Hand

Dec 07, 2021

There’s a reason so many ancient spells ask for your intention written down. 

It’s the same reason that the more popular—and successful—means of manifestation include writing out what you’re looking to manifest in detail, with repetition. 

In the age of technology, it can feel unproductive or even frivolous to prioritize keeping written records of, well, anything. All the tools we have to store information, send messages, be creative, and share ideas, can make us feel like writing by hand is outdated or useless. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Writing by hand is a powerful practice, and bringing it into your routine and making it a part of your intentional and conscious living journey can be worthwhile and impactful.

Taking our intention and bringing it into the physical world makes it a tangible object, giving it its own energy that we can use. This is true for the obvious things like journaling, but it’s also for things like handwritten letters. We can use writing to give energy to our messages and give that energy to the recipient along with the message itself.

With handwritten letters or cards, we take that intention and not only bring it into the physical world, but we share it with another person. We’re bringing intention both into our lives and into our relationships. 

We give our energy to anything we give our time to. In writing, we agree to spend more time on something to get, in exchange, more intention and energy out of the action. 

That’s the beauty of intentional living, everything has a higher purpose, and everything is serving towards our goals.

What could you take out of the mental realm and bring into the physical?

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