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The Nine Most Popular Apothecary Ingredients in 2024

  • 3 min read

So you’re finally ready to start stocking your home apothecary with herbs to help you support your body, manage your mind, and expand your spirit. But where do you start? We believe it’s best to start with the tried and true favorites. So we’ve compiled a list of the herbs that we’ve experienced a high demand for in our apothecary products!

Use this list as inspiration, a launching pad, or a shopping list for your next trip to the botanica.



Dried rose is a mild and fragrant flower most often used to bring love into one’s life. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for the skin. Rose can be brewed into a delicious tea or infused into an oil to use as skincare when you’re feeling a little dry or dull.



Mugwort is most well known as an herb to help enhance psychic abilities, with many people using it as an ingredient in teas or sprays meant to induce psychic visions or prophetic dreams. Mugwort has also been used as an aid during menstruation for those with irregular periods or who experience pain with their cycle.


St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort is a soothing herb, both in the physical and spiritual realms. It can be put in lotions to soothe the skin, or a tea to soothe the mind. It is often used as a tool in relaxation, and some even say it aids in the treatment of their depression.



Rosemary is one of the easiest herbs to incorporate into your home apothecary and spiritual practice, because most likely it’s already sitting in your spice cabinet! Aside from being a versatile seasoning, rosemary also has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. In the more metaphysical vein, rosemary has strong protective and cleansing properties.



The great attractor. If you’re looking for an herb for manifestation, catnip may be the choice for you. This herb has an incredible calming effect on the body and can aid in sleep and relaxation. Catnip is another herb that’s easy to source, so don’t feel like you need to open up your cat toys to get your herbs for your tea! 



We’d be willing to bet you’ve had a cup or two of peppermint tea in your day. This herb is popular for a reason, it can aid in digestion and upset stomachs, ease the pain of headaches, help relieve your sinuses, all well helping you sleep. Peppermint is a must have for any home apothecary.


Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaf is packed with vitamins and minerals that can be useful to you in our home apothecary. The antioxidants in raspberry leaf acts as a free-radical blocker, and it is even sometimes recommended to people who are pregnant to shorten labor. Raspberry leaf is a great choice if you’re looking to boost your immune system and get extra nutrients, all while creating love and fertility in your life.



Calendula is another herb that can be used on the skin. Infusing this herb in a carrier oil can bring incredible benefits to your skincare routine, as calendula is known for soothing redness and irritation. Calendula is also widely used in abundance rituals



Another herb you can easily find in your kitchen, cinnamon is another must have. Cinnamon is often used by those looking to manifest abundance, but it is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial herb. There are even studies that show cinnamon to have been effective in restoring motor function in mice with Parkinson’s disease. Simple and effective, cinnamon is an easy addition to your home apothecary!


Read to start stocking? Most of these herbs can be found here, and you may find a few others that catch your eye!