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The Three Most Popular Tarot Spreads for Beginners

Learning to read tarot isn’t just learning the meaning of the cards, it’s also learning how you best like to read! There are thousands of different tarot spreads you can learn and use in your readings, making it hard to know where to start. 

But, these three tarot spreads are an easy way to ease into the use of tarot spreads to allow you to get comfortable learning to read them!

The One Card Spread
While the one card spread is definitely the least glamorous of the tarot spreads you’ll find, it’s the easiest way to incorporate the tarot into your daily routine. A one card spread, once per day, is a great way to stay connected to your deck, get everyday guidance, and is a great method to learn the tarot in a more digestible way! Pull your card of the day, read your guidebooks description of that card, maybe do some online research or cross reference in any tarot books you might own, and then pay attention to the rest of your day, looking for the themes of the card.

The one card spread can also be used to answer yes or no questions, or more straightforward questions that you feel only require a single card. This is also a great spread for those looking for a quick reading.

The Three Card Spread
The three card spread is probably the single most popular tarot spread. If you go to see a professional reader, they are likely to start with a three card spread, or even offer the three card spread as a standalone service.

You’ll most commonly see the three card spread as a past, present, and future reading, but that isn’t the only way to practice this spread. The three card spread can also represent the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious, the mind, body, and spirit, or the situation, the obstacle, and the result.

There are a million other interpretations of the three card spread that you can find either online or through reference books, but you aren’t limited to the spreads other people create. You can assign any meaning you want to the cards in a three card spread, ask any question, and seek any kind of guidance with this structure. There’s always room for your creativity in tarot reading!

The Flyers 
So…This tarot spread isn’t really a spread at all. Flyers are cards that fall (or fly) out of the deck while you shuffle. Many readers will abandon spreads altogether in favor of reader flyers as they pop out. This creates a “spread” that is different every time.

This form of reading is a great way to connect yourself more firmly both to your deck and your intuition. Removing the structure of a traditional spread forces you to rely on your intuition to connect the cards, and know when it’s time to stop shuffling. 

Using flyers to read tarot is best for people who struggle to relate or connect to the structure of tarot spreads, and are looking to make their tarot readings a more intuitive and creative spiritual experience!

These three tarot spreads (and lack of spread) are both beginner friendly and enlightening. They’re easy to use, make your own, and will bring more clarity to your readings. Let us know your favorite tarot spread to use in your practice!