Agni Chai: Ayurvedic Digestive Tea & Tonic
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Agni Chai: Ayurvedic Digestive Tea & Tonic


This tridoshic, Ayurvedic chai is built upon fragrant organic and fair-trade black teas that are lovingly hand-blended with warming masala spices and turmeric, and elevated by the uplifting aromas of bergamot, lemon, and lavender.

“Agni” is the Ayurvedic word for “digestive fire". An outstanding digestive tea.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of fairtrade black teas,* pu’erh,* masala spices,* wild yam,* ashwagandha,* lemon peel,* lavender,* turmeric root,* black pepper*– *organic ingredient | contains caffeine.

Made in the United States of America