organic herbal infused facial toner
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All Hail the Queen - Organic/Herbal Infused Facial Toner


Organic herbal infused facial toner based on the ancient folk remedy of The Queen of Hungary’s Water. As the legend goes, the queen’s alchemist created her this ‘water’ that she used on her face and hair, to promote youthfulness, and as a perfume. She was such a beauty that she had an endless supply of suitors her whole life - with young men still seeking her hand in her elder years! The recipe tends to change based on who you ask, as folk remedies do. I start my version with the highest quality witch hazel extract. I infuse that with a bouquet of flowers and herbs for two full moon cycles. The result. is. AMAZING.


INGREDIENTS: witch hazel extract*, lemon balm*+, lavender*, chamomile*, rose petals*, calendula*+, comfrey leaf*+, lemon peel*, rosemary*+, sage*, peppermint*+, elder flowers*, helichrysum*, jasmine flowers, hibiscus* >>We take pride in our ingredients that are (* = organic) and (+ = locally grown)