Elixir of Spring
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Elixir of Spring


If you feel like you need more ways to stay hydrated that are also fun and sociable, the Elixir of Spring is your new best friend!

Infused with Hibiscus, Marshmallow, and Plantain for cooling and moistening effects on the body.

Hibiscus has cooling energetics which makes it perfect to drink on a hot day, has a naturally sweet flavor, and supports overall heart health.

Marshmallow Root has cooling and moistening energetics which make if perfect for boosting the body's hydration and cooling the body down.

Plantain also has cooling and moistening energetics and is super nutritive as well.

Combining these herbs together in honey and grain alcohol makes for a potent Elixir that is sure to cool you down, lift your spirits and be a crowd favorite at any spring/summer gathering.

Suggested Use: For a delightful drink that helps cool and hydrate the body in spring/summer heat, pour 8 oz. of sparkling water into a fancy glass, squeeze half a lemon into a glass and add 1 oz of Spring Fling Infusion and 1 oz of the Elixir of Spring. Top off with a spring of mint and serve.


Or, simply add 1-2 tbsp. to 6 oz. sparkling water.
Serve in a fancy glass and enjoy!