Experience the Magic of the Dream World Through South American Witchcraft  Venezuelan practitioner Elhoim Leafar presents more than seventy spells, charms, folk remedies, and exercises to help you understand the world of dreams. With his wealth of experience, Elhoim demonstrates what dream witchery is, why it's important, and how to practice it.
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Practical Candle Magic


Light That Flame and Set Your Magic in Motion

Sharing more than thirty-five spells and exercises, bestselling author Rachel Patterson guides you through every aspect of working with wick and wax, from the fundamentals to creating your own candle magic. She teaches you how to use candle spells for healing, protection, love, luck, inspiration, and much more.

This comprehensive book helps you choose a candle, charge it with intention, dress it with oils and herbs, and cast your spell from start to finish. Once you've mastered the basics, Rachel shows you how to amplify your magic with colors, crystals, sigils, grids, tarot cards, and zodiac signs. You'll also learn how to use candle rituals, divination techniques, and wax poppets. No matter your skill level, this book makes it easier than ever to illuminate your practice.