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Succulent Garden Workshop

Variant: July 25th, 1-2 PM

Join us for a day of planting and fun at our Succulent Garden Workshop! Unleash your creativity and discover the joy of crafting your own succulent garden in a stunning decorative bowl with drainage. This hands-on experience offers the perfect opportunity to dip your toes in the world of succulent gardening and learn the techniques you need for their care and maintenance.

We'll be there to guide you through the process, from selecting the perfect succulent varieties to arranging them in your personalized garden. We'll give you everything you need to know to ensure your garden thrives, including ideal watering schedules and lighting conditions.

This workshop includes up to six plants, all materials required for assembly, and your choice of a succulent garden bowl. No prior experience is necessary; this workshop is designed for succulent enthusiasts of all skill levels!