How Do You Want to Feel Today: Introducing the Feelings Focus
The Healing Hedge Witch Journal

How Do You Want to Feel Today? Introducing the Feelings Focus

Mar 07, 2022

We’ve been waiting quite a while to tell you about the Feelings Focus. As our ideas for The Healing Hedge Witch started to take shape, we knew that this had to be a part of it. 

So what exactly is the Feelings Focus? The Feelings Focus is a quarterly shift in our attention where we’ll be highlighting the products we’ve found and designed to create a certain feeling. Our goal is to create an accessible space for our community to feel empowered to take control of their feelings and their future.

You can find the Feelings Focus on the homepage of our website, where we’ll have everything highlighted for you to explore.

Each Feelings Focus will also feature it’s own unique bundle curated by us. These bundles will include a 30 day guided journal that we’ve written to give you our tried and true methods to create each feeling. These journals are solid gold. You won’t want to miss them.

Our first Feelings Focus is clarity, and as we move through each Feelings Focus, we’ll build upon that clarity. Each Feelings Focus is a stepping stone for the next, building us a path towards the kind of life we really want.

So stay tuned and join the Hedge Witch Circle to be the first to know about all things Feelings Focus. We have a lot more coming.