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The Feelings Focus: Clarity

  • 2 min read

How do you want to feel today?

This question is the basis of our mission, which is why you’ll see us ask it all over our website, in our store, and on our social media. Our goal is to let your answer to that question guide you through our products, events, and experience.

From the moment that The Healing Hedge Witch first started to form, we knew our purpose was to help our community learn to take their power back and create the feelings and results they're searching for in their lives. We feel so grateful that our community has resonated so deeply with that purpose.

This is why we're so excited to reveal to you our first Feelings Focus. The Feelings Focus is a shift in our center, a way for us to highlight both the materials and the practices we've used with success to create a certain feeling. We’ll regularly be releasing new Feelings Focus’ and adding to our collection periodically. 

Our first Feelings Focus is Clarity. Just like the start to any journey, you have to figure out where you want to go before you start traveling. As we move through each Feelings Focus, we’ll be building upon the clarity we create here, using it to propel us forward. Starting with clarity allows  us to start at our center. Our purpose. Then, we’ll use that purpose as a guide.

That guide will take us through more and more feelings, assisting us as we create the kind of life that we dream about.  Think of what you discover during the Clarity Feelings Focus as your North Star. Then, each Feelings Focus that comes after will act as the path, leading you towards that star.

With each Feelings Focus, we'll also release a curated bundle of products hand selected (or created) by us. The Clarity Bundle includes one of our famous Spell Candles, an in-house handmade Clarity Oil Roll On, a Cedar bundle, clear quartz, jade, fluorite, a selenite stick, AND our 30 day Clarity Guided Journal. On their own, these items are powerful, but together? They are incredibly transformative.

We wrote and designed this guided journal to take you on a path to find true clarity, and we're so thrilled to finally be sharing it with you. You’ll start with an introductory exercise and move through 30 daily guided journaling prompts to move you closer to clarity, leading the way as you build a path towards what you want. 

The Feelings Focus series is going to change your brain, and therefore change your life. As we move through each feeling together, we’ll set goals, reflect, and recommit ourselves to our purpose. We’re so thrilled to be starting this journey and we can’t wait to see everything you create using these bundles. Use the links below to check out the Clarity Bundle and other Clarity products!

The Clarity Bundle →

Celestite Rough Cluster 

Road Opener Herbal Bath & Floorwash 

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