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The Ten Best Crystals for Protection

  • 3 min read

Protection is one of the most popular, and the most important ways to use crystals and their energy. Protection crystals can be kept on your person, in your car, in your house, or put anywhere you feel might need a little extra protective energy. 

There are an endless amount of protective crystals to choose from, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. 

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a more popular choice for protection crystals, this makes it easy to find, easy to spot, and very accessible. Obsidian is incredibly effective as a protection crystal, while also providing strength, grounding, and aiding in transformation.


Shungite is a protection crystal that can also aid in cleansing and clearing. Shungite acts as a detoxifier of negative energy, removing the negativity in your body and mind while protecting you from further negativity. Shungite can also act as a minor radiation blocker.

Tigers Eye

Tigers eye is another popular and accessible protection crystal. Tigers eye also provides balance, strength, and longevity. This crystal can also be used for abundance and luck, making it a great multi-purpose stone.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a beautiful protection stone that has grown recently in popularity. It’s another protection crystal that’s great for strength and balance. Smoky quartz is also a purifying crystal that can be used during manifestation.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of protection crystals, but clear quartz is one of the most versatile stones out there, making it one of our absolute favorites. Clear quartz can be programmed with your intention to work in any way you could imagine, and it can also be used to amplify the properties of the crystals you keep it near. So, keep a clear quartz with your other protection crystals to amplify their power!


Bloodstone is a protection stone that can also help to boost your confidence, bring the truth forward, and aid in motivation. Bloodstone would be a great protection stone for someone who feels they need some help with anxiety or fear, as it also brings courage, consciousness, and purification.

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is the perfect protection crystal for someone looking for one stone to help in lots of different ways. While acting as a powerful protection crystal, black moonstone is also great for working in the psychic realm. It boosts intuition, aids inn mediation, and aligns with the third eye chakra. Black moonstone also brings forth growth, knowledge, and wisdom, while boosting inspiration and keeping you grounded. It can also help you fully experience joy, release stress and anxiety, and even help you cultivate inner peace. 


Selenite is another crystal that has grown recently in popularity, but you might not see it as a protection stone. While selenite is great for protection, that isn’t the only reason it’s been included in this list. Selenite is an amazing stone to cleanse your protective crystals with. As your protection stones are absorbing all of the negative energy they’re protecting you from, selenite will cleanse that energy from your crystals to keep them protecting you at their maximum capability.


Labradorite is another stunning crystal that can be used both for protection and the expansion of psychic abilities. While protecting you, labradorite can also relieve anxiety, support your intuition, boost your creativity, and help you connect to the world around you. 


Onyx is a well rounded protection crystal that can aid in your growth, guide you in self discovery, and even support you through grief. Onyx is the perfect stone to finish up our list because of its balancing, clearing, and focusing properties. This makes it a perfect protection crystal for someone looking for an easy to find, inexpensive crystal that can tick multiple boxes.

Protection crystals are an important part of any crystal collection, and we hope this helps you choose the protection stones that are right for you!