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What's an Apothecary & Why Do You Need One?

  • 2 min read

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes in a spiritual space, it’s pretty likely you’ve heard of an apothecary. But…what exactly is an apothecary? Traditionally, an apothecary has been a place where an individual creates and crafts herbal medicines. This most commonly includes teas, tinctures, and balms. You can also often find loose herbs at an apothecary for creating your own concoctions!

While there are so many incredible herbalists who own solitary apothecary businesses, the more modern brick and mortar apothecary often exists inside a metaphysical shop. In our case, at The Healing Hedge Witch, our apothecary is a carefully assembled collection of products from other small businesses. These products are our tried and true, ride or die items we’ve scouted from other apothecaries all over the country to take the guesswork out of herbal healing. 

Apothecaries can also be a place to purchase herbs for a more spiritual practice. If you’re looking for herbs to use for their metaphysical properties, you’ll be able to find them there. You can also choose pre-made products at an apothecary based on their more magical characteristics! Our favorite method is a combination of the medicinal and the mystical

If you’re looking to dive into the apothecary world, we recommend going in person (if you can) to talk with an expert about your needs and how best to address them!

So why should you have your own apothecary, or frequent one local to you? We’re not saying an apothecary can or should replace modern medicine, but science has shown that herbalism can act as an incredible support in your overall health. This support can pair with more traditional pharmaceuticals, or potentially prevent a future need for them in some instances. 

Learning to support your mind and body with apothecary products is a way to create agency in your healing and take your power back. If that’s something you’ve been looking for in your journey, creating a home apothecary or finding an herbalist you trust could be a good first step. 

It’s so important to keep these ancient practices alive. By supporting small businesses, apothecaries, and local herbalists, we can do that. Every day, science is finding evidence to support what many people and cultures have known for centuries: plants can heal us. And if we continue these practices and support the people spreading the knowledge and giving us access to apothecaries and their products, we can use these herbs to heal ourselves.

So, support your local apothecary or botanical! Especially those who have been in the biz since before it was trendy, and people who are a part of the cultures we’ve learned so much from. So if you’re ready to take the dive, do it. Don’t let this practice wash away!

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