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Do I Need to Find a Tarot Reader or Can I Read My Own?

Tarot cards can be an intimidating method of divination for those who are just starting to dip their toes into spirituality. It can seem like people who read tarot, either professionally or for themselves, have some sort of special talent that you could never achieve. But that isn’t true. You can learn to read tarot to provide guidance in your own life, it just might take a little practice.

So, if you feel you need a reading as soon as possible, it might be in your best interest to contact a professional reader. But, if you’re willing to wait out the growing pains of learning to read your own tarot cards, you can save yourself money, time, and the vetting process of finding a tarot reader you trust.

It can be a lot to trust someone with your energy, so learning to read your own tarot cards can be a way to both ensure you’re getting the message that’s intended for you, and keep your private matters, well, private. Learning to read your own cards can allow you to receive guidance on topics you may not feel comfortable talking about with a professional.

If you’ve made the decision to learn to read your own tarot cards, here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin the journey.

Learning to read tarot is a process, so if you’re looking to trade professional readings for your own, you should be prepared to get it wrong a few times along the way. You will misinterpret cards, take away the wrong message, and likely not even understand what the cards are trying to tell you half the time as you get started. Remember, this is a vital part of the journey. Your mistakes are the best learning opportunities!

Don’t get discouraged when you aren’t perfect. It can feel easy to want to give up or think that tarot “just isn’t for you” when you don’t start out giving flawless readings, but resist the perfectionist fantasy! Every tarot reader you’ve paid for a reading has gone through the same stage of imperfection and doubt. Pushing through the uncertainty is what will make you a great tarot reader.

And, in our opinion, the most important piece of advice: follow your intuition. Tarot is a deeply intuitive practice, and learning how to listen to both the cards and your gut is a learned skill. It can go against the grain to trust yourself so deeply, as we’ve been trained for most of our lives to ignore our gut feelings, but your readings will take on a much deeper, more poignant meaning when you learn to incorporate your own intuition into them.

Learning to read tarot can be an incredibly rewarding process. You can learn so much about yourself as well as the cards as you study them. And while it can still be valuable to seek outside guidance in the form of a professional tarot reader when you need a neutral third party, learning to read for yourself is a great way to grow in your spiritual confidence.